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    Well given the time difference I'm only just catching up with what happened. Looks like Sidey's the man again.

    I know we can play well for a session or two, but I think we tend to lose drive over the course of a test and we often throw away good advantages. If we don't finish you off quickly on the second day then the tail could wag and we could well end up post a 1st innings total of 250 in response to... oh, you might make 400 yet.

    It sounds pessimistic but I'm so used to seeing it with England, you don't want to start thinking "We're doing well here" for fear that it will all go tits-up if you allow yourself to contemplate winning.

    As far as VT goes, I haven't been back much lately because of all the bickering. Instead of talking about great players and good games, it seems all we ever do is argue about crap/biased umpires, cheating players and racism in the game. While those issues have always played a large part in cricket, when they eclipse the actual game itself, enough is enough.
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    Reply from psxpro2:

    Well I think you guys are in a decent position as the pitch was pretty flat and we would have liked to be 4 down - 5 at most.
    Our bowlers will have to bowl really well to get you guys out. So I'd say we need 400 which is possible but need this and/or the next partnership to be good offcourse. Either one 100 run partnership or two that add up to around 100.

    Sidebottom bowled pretty well, especially more so with the older ball actually. Harmison was all over the place and actually didn't bowl faster than 130 on average.

    I try to stay away from Aus vs India threads as well.. but NZ Vs England should be algud.
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    See what I mean? Situation normal has resumed. Wrong team, wrong tactics, shite performance. Welcome back, England.


    Reply from psxpro2:

    only saw this now.

    What did you make of the first day of the test?
    And why don't you post more in the and the score is section?
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    Pro - about LBG, I can understand your frustration at LBG's comments. But I think that you should still take out the comment on Pakistanis.

    The guy is basically playing "moderate" - both sides are wrong. Which on subject of racism, doesn't work as it seems to say "Blacks are wrong because they are blacks, but whites shouldn't kill them either". I can't tell you how annoying I find that logic - its the same as MBM, Orko (who professes to be liberal) saying that "attacking Iraq is bad or Israel's apartheid of Palestinians is bad", but as moderates we feel that fault lies on both sides. To me that's subtle racism by people who are pretending to be moderates.

    But on the whole, the guy doesn't it. Which is why I gave him the example of muslims in India, whose situation is quite similiar to blacks in US. I hope he'd understand.

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